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I embarked upon personal therapy with real scepticism and a strong belief it was reserved for the “hippy brigade” who liked  fluffy nonsense.

As a professional with my life quite together (save external factors beyond my control that were bringing me to my knees) I felt, I knew “me” best and there was no room for assistance. How wrong I was!

Therapy has allowed me to become the person I am today. I am more tolerant, more insightful and ultimately better equipped to reflect upon my relationships with others both at work and home. To date, it has been the most significant journey I have ever made and the greatest gift to myself.

Gayle Anne Drury is a smart and compassionate being that is not afraid to join you in the hard work. Her experience showed and her patience was laudable. I wholeheartedly credit her with the personal growth I experienced during my time and her professionalism and commitment to the process was unwavering.

I reflect on my time in therapy as a dance:- sometimes slow, sometimes exhausting but the end product was a fitter me, that mastered some invaluable personalised steps to the music of life.

Personal Therapy, DLS, North Yorkshire

Baobab Centre offer a unique and personalised approach to tackling difficult organisational situations.

I felt an immediate sense of expert support and guidance from the initial meeting and developed a trusted relationship quickly which helped plan a ‘road to recovery’.

Using and understanding Baobab’s core values were an essential part of being able to turn around a very challenging and dis-empowered team culture.

Team Conflict Work, Head of Service, City of York Council