Gayle-Anne Drury


Gayle-Anne is an experienced therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years. Her first career was as a manager in an NHS teaching hospital.

As a therapist Gayle-Anne is skilled in accompanying people on their journey helping them understand their difficulties, unearth their fears, appreciate their strengths and find more appropriate and comfortable ways of living.

As an ex-manager, Gayle-Anne understands the importance of power dynamics and interpersonal relationships at every level of an organisation. This combination of management and therapeutic understanding and experience enables her to give an additional dimension to the support and development for people at all levels within an organisation. She is passionate about sharing her understanding of “how” or “why” a problem has developed as well as giving ideas about ‘how to’ move forward.

Gayle-Anne bases her work on a strong ethical foundation. She has taken this approach forward, establishing Baobab Training Seeds, through which she has provided listening skills training for teachers in her native Zambia. Gayle-Anne is a founding trustee of Clear Minds, a charity providing free, long-term therapy to people in the UK.

Baobab has several skilled and experienced Associate Consultants to support the work with individuals or teams. Associates have different backgrounds, experiences and skills. Some are psychotherapeutic counsellors, others are trainers, mentors, mediators and people with proven senior management and leadership skills.