Why Baobab?

The baobab tree conceptualizes the philosophy for Baobab Centre’s work and relational approach to our work. Baobab trees provide for life and community.

They are:

  • Long Living – holding the experiences of the village;

  • Survivors in harsh environments – including deserts, salt flats, and drought;

  • Resilient surviving drought, fires and wild animals, especially elephants.

They provide:

  • A Home – for birds, bees, reptiles, small animals and sometimes people;

  • Water – which is stored in its bark;

  • Nourishment – leaves, flowers and fruit are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, seeds are edible and provide a substitute for coffee;

  • Tools – the husk can be used for storage, its bark makes rope, roofing material and clothing.

“Our beginnings, our roots, are foundational in forming our self. I was born and grew up in Zambia where the baobab trees always entranced me. They are tenacious, adaptable, life sustaining, impressive giants which nonetheless evoke a sense of safety and calm.”

Gayle-Anne Drury

So too, Baobab Centre provides for life and community.
Bringing solidity, self-responsibility and sustainability to people and teams.

We are:

  • Well Established – working with organisations and individuals since 2003;

  • Relational – building strong collaboration with clients;

  • Resilient – supporting people who have survived or are in harsh situations and damaging environments;

  • A Safe Meeting Place – where stories can be understood, roots found and growth supported

  • A Place of refreshment and nourishment – where acceptance and challenge are balanced for constructive growth.

  • Providing effective tools – for appropriate action and change.